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Sash windows originated in the latter part of the 17th century. At first they featured many small panes of glass held together by wide glazing bars. Within a few decades, improvements in glass allowed slimmer glazing bars and fewer individual panes. Soon the box sash window became the norm for all bar small rural dwellings. With the advent of plate glass, larger panes allowed larger windows. Homes became lighter and better ventilated.

Designs changed. By the middle of the Victorian era, it was common for sashes to have only a single, central glazing bar or even none at all and horns were added to the sashes to support and strengthen them.

We’re still seeing improvements in glass. that’s one reason why sash windows are still evolving. It’s also because we expect more – we want homes that are warmer, cleaner and safer than those of our predecessors. Using smart materials means we can enjoy the best of both worlds: the grace and elegance of an outstanding and enduring design classic with the comfort, security and energy efficiency of a 21st century lifestyle.

uPVC Windows


The right finishing touches are essential. As well as the detail of sash horns, we’ve selected hardware that includes tilt buttons, li_ hooks, sash locks, handles or ring pulls. Even though our sashes perform better than the old, timber styles, we want them to look the part.

uPVC Windows Glazing Bars


You can have as many as you like or none at all. But if you choose glazing bars, you’ll have beautiful Ovolo detailing and a choice of size because proportion is all important in sash windows. Our glazing bars faithfully replicate the appearance of small panes but have none of their drawbacks and never need painting.

uPVC Windows


Our sash windows can achieve an A+ Window Energy Rating. Flush gaskets keep out the rain and mimic a traditional putty line, and draughts are prevented with pile seals to the sash and outer frame. The multi-chambered profiles and double-glazed sealed units insulate your home from heat loss and external noise.

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